Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011-03-03 Finally First Time got the PostCard in Ipoh since 3 months ago

Bought it at Mubaruk & Bros BookStore, 20pcs cost RM16 (80 cents/pc)

It seems really hard to find any book store in Ipoh Town here, where have post card available for sale. I've been here for 3 months ago beside buying Maxicard from Post Office, almost the popular book store don't have supplier for Post Card... Yesterday was cross by a few shops also no idea about it, even they don't know where to buy & who got supply... haha.. funny..

Recently quite frequent drop by Post Office Ipoh sending something/PostCrossing's Card, even today I started asking anywhere to buy post card. Firstly I went into Railway station kiosk store to try my luck, quite common tourist might come to look for post card at this kind of transit station, NO luck but a store worker told me surely that there is a book store near by here and no far from the Bank street, woow... I started to feel a light giving me the direction, so carry on moving faster step.

When came across the area as the store worker said, I remember here is a Tourism Centre, should walk in to take a look, cause last time I got free post card from Kuantan Tourism centre, here might have??!!

Perak Tourism Information Centre

 Anyone can tell me what is this? it located in front of Toursim Centre Building, seems made with bronze & iron material.

Inside Tourism centre has display most of the historical building & culture in Perak.

After turned around, there's no Grapes... Time to focus back to find the book store near by here, tireless question again the person working here, oops... The answer sound similiar with what the Store worker told me, so continue heading to the right direction this time, hoho... Finally got it got it, the store named Mubaruk, the owner is Indian Muslim, it's 2 lots combined shop facilitated with air-cond, a lot of new design cards here, although price fixed at 80 cents/pc I was hungry to buy for 20pcs, talk to the cashier (I assumed lady cashier is owner) try to have some bargain, well I got the same price to grab it. Happy & Done my research task today.

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