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RU-154104 RUSSIA from Irina

~ Russia (RU-154104) ~

I'm so appreciate this sender that make the card flowering with many stamps, she sent as my wishes, woow, the lady of the stamp picture is gorgeous & pretty... WWF tiger stamp, I like it...

Thanks for Irina (Postcrosser ID: Orange)
Sent: 7th May 2010
Received: May 2010

The Aya lake

The Aya lake is placed in 25 km from Gorno-Altaysk on the left bank of the river Katun. It is situated on the ancient terrace, on the height of 280 meters above sea level. This lake is small, and it is hided around mountains slopes. A clint drops off from on side right into the water, on the other side there is a low bank edged trees and bushes. The lake bottom falls from its banks, and the lake deep is over 20 m; water is so purest and transparent on deep down.
The small island adds an individual charm to the landscapes, where are grown trees. The most attracted peculiarity of the lake is a warm water in summer. Upper layers are heated to +22-24 C to the end of July, so there is difficult to find a vacant place. There are many theories about the appearance of this lake, some of the: caving in Earth crust, hollow kept from ancient glaciation. From the lake bottom well out some cold springs, so one should be very careful.
Among local population there is a meaning that the bottom of the lake is so deep with different underwater caves. ya is one of the most famous tourist’s places among travellers. A lot of coffees, resorts, campings, and hotels surround the Lake. The suspension foot–and-motor bridge leads to the right bank of Katun from Chuysky highway.
In Altai “Ai” means “a moon”. According to the legend, Ai-the-moon saved the humans, when he went down the earth and caught the formidable 7-headed cannibal, named Delbegen. The formidable monster did not want to leave the earth and got hold of a willow, lonely growing there. Ai-the-moon lifted Delbegen with the tree high from the ground.

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