Thursday, March 17, 2011

DE-639321 GERMANY from Marion

~ Bielefeid , Germany ~ (DE-639321)
                                                                               Received July 2010
Thanks for Marion (Leuchtturm60)!!!

In the plans for building lighthouses in the Portuguese coast back in 1883 there was already a project for a lighthouse in the Cape Carvoeiro in Algarve.
In 1913 the first technical considerations and the choice of the final place were concluded.
In the 1st December of 1920 the lighthouse started his work.
The lighthouse is on the place known as Alfanzina in that cape. It´s a square tower of 15 m high.
Inicially it was working with petrol and was electrified in 1950.

since 1981 it´s fully automatic with the model BBT.

Some technical data:
Location: Alfanzina (Cape Carvoeiro - Algarve)
Height: 23m
Altitude: 63m
Light: FI (2) W 15 s
Range: 29M
Optics: 3rd Order - 500 mm
Year: 1920

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