Tuesday, May 25, 2010

London, Great Britain - Westminster Bridge & Clock Tower

  • PostCard: London, Great Britain
    Printer:  Stengel & Co.
  • Status: From London, Great Britain to Paris, France
  • Cancellation: 4th Februry 1903 (Both Countries)
*** Discovery: Bought from Uncle Tou on 23rd May 2010 in Kuantan

Westminster Bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge over the River Thames between Westminster, Middlesex bank, and Lambeth, Surrey bank in what is now Greater London, England.. Opened in 1862.
For over 600 years, the nearest bridge to London Bridge was at Kingston. Proposals for a bridge at Westminster had been made as early as 1664. These were opposed by the Corporation of London and the watermen. Despite further opposition in 1722 and after a new timber bridge was built at Putney in 1729, the scheme received parliamentary approval in 1736. Financed by private capital, lotteries and grants, Westminster Bridge, designed by the Swiss architect Charles Labelye, was built between 1739-1750.

A Clock Tower was built at Westminster in 1288, with the fine-money of Ralph Hengham, Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
The face of the Great Clock of Westminster. The hour hand is 2.7 metres (9 ft) long and the minute hand is 4.3 metres (14 ft) long.
Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and is often extended to refer to the clock or the clock tower as well. Big Ben is the largest four-faced chiming clock and the third-tallest free-standing clock tower in the world. It celebrated its 150th annivesary in May 2009 (the clock itself first ticking on 31 May 1859),during which celebratory events took place.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Post Office - Air Putih, Kuantan - Pahang

haha... I created my own multiple view postcard, do you think so?
I believe there's rare to find post card with Post Office view.

Look out, a new language for new generation appeared in front of Post Office entrance : "T UP"
U guess what's T UP means? hehe...

Photoes taken by Sony Ericsson 501 - Ciber Shoot

Posting at Air Putih, Kuantan - Pahang

~ 6pcs Sent out today ~
Red letter box for multiple post used; 
Yellow letter box for local"Pos Ekspres" used.

Photoes taken by Ryvenn Foong

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Post Car Kuantan, Pahang

I met this "Post Car" when I went out from the Post Office, within 2km we were same direction.. Dangerous taken this photoes when I was driving.. haha!!

 Photoes taken 22nd May 2010, time 17.18
by Ryvenn Foong

Letter Box in Main Pos Office of Kuantan, Pahang

Red & White letter box to local places(Pahang), other states(tempatan lain), International(Luar Negara).

 Photo taken 22nd May 2010, time 13.02
by Ryvenn Foong

Posting at Kuantan, Pahang

12pcs Sent out today, Exciting !!!

 Photo taken 22nd May 2010, time 13.01
by Ryvenn Foong

My Wish List

Hi dear all friend, for this year the most likely I want to collect is the "TIGER" issue, stamp or postcard with tiger picture is ok.

Below are are the second Wish List:
- Castle
- Bridge
- Ship
- Aquatic
- Historical Building
- Church
- WaterFall
- Train/ Old Train
- Antique
- Queen Victoria
- King Edward/ King George V
- Queen Elizabeth

Friday, May 21, 2010

Letter Box Post Office Kuantan, Pahang - Malaysia

 Photo taken 20th May 2010, time 17.18
by Ryvenn Foong

Post Office Kuantan, Pahang - Malaysia

 Photoes taken 20th May 2010, time 17.18 
by Ryvenn Foong

About 20 Service Counters in Main Post Office Kuantan

Multiple service machine in the Main Post Office Kuantan

 Photoes taken 22nd May 2010, time 13.03
by Ryvenn Foong

Posting at Kuantan, Malaysia

20th March 2010, 5.10pm, I was so excited to send out those postcards to my collector pals & postcrossing friends at Kuantan Main Pos Office in Malaysia, I just got the nice postcards from Tourism Centre of Kuantan as updated below, I believe those cards are rare to find in Malaysia, because the Tourism Centre officer said out of stock for nearly a year already. Wish my friends like it.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-10)

Discover ancient rainforests, meandering streams, cascading waterfalls and pristine lakes. Blessed with year-round sunshine and rain, Malaysia is endowed with natural wonders.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-09)

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. Renowned as a unique nation with multi-enthnic groups living in peace and harmony, Malaysia offers a profusion of colourful festivals and celebrations.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-08)

It's love at first sight when you're in Malaysia. Love its cultural heritage, traditional wedding ceremonies and breathtaking sights. Make Malaysia your wedding or honeymoon destination.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-07)

Experience traditional Malaysian hospitality. Experience staying at a rustic Kampung or village. Experience our "homestay" programmes.

You can find it Kampung style "homestay" at the Island of Malaysia like Langkawi Island, Pangkor Island, Redang Island, Tioman Island, Port Dickson, Labuan...

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-06)

Mingle with the jostling crowd and join in the excitement of haggling at the night markets or pasar malam. Alternatively, enjoy the comforts and convenience shopping in huge air-conditioned malls. It's all here in Malaysia.

Recommended Shopping Mall:
- At Kuala Lumpur Area:  
KLCC, Pavillion, Sungai Wang, Lot 10, KL Plaza, Mid Valley, Sunway Piramid
- Night market at Kuala Lumpur: 
ChinaTown "茨厂街", Pasar Malam at Taman Connaught (Most favorite visit of local)

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-05)

Despite its tropical climate, Malaysia is home to a number of hill stations. Enjoy the charming cottages and cool winds in these relaxing holiday retreats.

Recommended places: 
Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, Gunung Pahang

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-04)

Whether it's architectural marvels or fine works-of art, Malaysia's diverse cultures offer a wealth of heritage that is unique and truly Asia.
Most properly we can visit the Museum of Malaysia to find the Malaysia tradition. And even you can buy your those tradition item as souvenir at the hottest tourist market - Centre Market "Pasar Seni" in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-03)

Journey through Malaysia and savour the best of Asia's culinary fare. From the spicy to the succulent, this food paradise offers an assortment of delights to tempt your palate.

Favorite local food and beverage of Malaysia:
"Satay" with peanut sauce, "Kuih-muih", "Nasi ", Malay style grill chicken, "Fu Yong" fried egg, Rendang Chicken, "Nasi Lemak" coconut rice, "Sirap Bandung" - local drink...

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-02)

Bask in the beauty of Malaysia's breathtaking shores and vibrant undersea attractions. Tropical paradise getaways await you in Malaysia.

Malaysia - by Tourism Malaysia (TM-01)

Sipadan is one of the top 5 destinations in the world where you can explore the colorful treasures of the sea.

Free PostCard by Tourism Centre Kuantan, Pahang

 Present by Tourism Centre Kuantan, Pahang

Many thanks to the Lady who working in the Tourism Centre Kuantan, yesterday (20th May 2010) I actually was trying my luck to look for some PostCards in town, it has been many times I asked those Stationery Shops & Book shops around Kuantan, but shot no bird!! Finally I passing  the Tourism Centre, and I got present by the Office Lady who working there, thanks so much to "Ms Lady". Hope to see you soon...

PostCard: Malaysia
Content: 10pcs PostCard in a Holder
Printer: Printing by Malaysia Tourism
Size: Width 150mm, Length 15mm

Thanks for "Ms Lady"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CA-100610, Julie - Canada

A surprised from postcrossing friend. I'm so appreciate that received this tigber issue stamp & postal card from you.
Special thanks to Julie Elliott
  • Country: Canada
  • Date of Issued: 8th January 2010
  • Miniature Sheet: Embossed
  • MS Face Value: 70 cents
  • Condition: New 
Above Tiger stamp from Canada sent to here Seremban, N.Sembilan, this stamp & postal card came with cover, attached with my favorite ship stamps especially the BlueNose ship.
  • Cancellation: 8th April 2010
  • Status: Canada to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia        
 Special  Thanks to Julie Elliott

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malaya - Invitation Card

I used to travel and looking for those special stuffs especially this kind of old card.

Card: Invitation Card
Printer:  Personalized printed
Status: From Malacca to Batu Pahat, Johor (In between state of Malaysia) 
Sent Date: 9th June 1962, 7.45am
Remark: after Malaya Independence became Malaysia, but still using Malaya stamp that time.

Discovery: bought it in November 2009, at the ChinaTown Flea Market (茨厂街的老鼠街) in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Great Britain - H.M. Queen Elizabeth

 Present by WL (Kuantan, Pahang)
May 2010

My favorite card with Queen Elizabeth's photograph.

PostCard: London, Great Britain
Printer:  Valentine & Sons Ltd.
Status: Unused
Discovery: Present by collector

Great Britain - H.M. Queen Elizabeth (The Royal Family of Balmoral)

 Present by Uncle Tou (Kuantan, Pahang)
16th May 2010

My favorite card with Queen Elizabeth's photograph.

PostCard: London, Great Britain
Printer:  Valentine & Sons Ltd.
Status: Unused
Discovery: Present by collector

Edinburgh, Great Britain - Old PostCard

Another my lovely collection...

PostCard: Scotland, Great Britain
Printer:  Valentine & Sons Ltd.
Status: From Edinburgh, Great Britain to Germany
Sent Date: 30th May 1959
Discovery: bought it in 2009, at flea market in Bangkok, Thailand

The labor of 5,000 men (day & night) for seven years, opened March 1890. Cost over 3,000,000 pound. Length 1 1/2 miles. 2 spans 0f 1710 feet and 2 of 690 feet . Height 361 feet.
The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, to the east of the Forth Road Bridge, and 14 kilometres (9 mi) west of central Edinburgh. It is often called the Forth Rail Bridge or Forth Railway Bridge to distinguish it from the Forth Road Bridge. The bridge connects Scotland's capital city with Fife, and acts as a major artery connecting the north-east and south-east of the country. Described as "the one internationally recognised Scottish landmark", it may be nominated by the British government to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in SCotland. The bridge and its associated railway infrastructure is owned by Network Rail Infrastructure Limited. It is currently the longest cantilever bridge in the world for rail transport (second longest cantilever bridge in the world after the Quebec Bridge).

Belgium - Unused PostCard

I love this card so much which designed with black and white. I bought it from Bangkok, Thailand flea market in 2009 . Looks like new, but not sure whether it is old card or not...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fuji, Japan - Old Unposted PostCard

Once again another Lovely collection, it is same status as below mentioned, but the card is from Japan, an old style Fuji view card.
I guess this person(my father's friend) might be staying Malaysia during 60's, might be those card brought back when traveling oversea most possible I guess.

PostCard: Japan
Status: Unposted but written
Year: belong to 60's, 27/7/64 stated on card.
History: Found in my father's "James Bone Bag"-- a hardcase bag

Jarkata, Indonesia - Old Unposted PostCard

Here again another Lovely collection, it is same status as below mentioned

PostCard: Indonesia
Status: Unposted but written
Year: belong to 60's, base on the date written on card (a greeting during chinese new year)
Sender: A chinese named as attached above (expected an Indonesian chinese friend who closed with my father)
History: Found in my father's "James Bone Bag"-- a hardcase bag

Indonesia - Old Unposted PostCard

Lovely collection, my father don't collect anything, I could remember those cards were found and kept since earlier I steped in secondary school, which means already transfered belong to me more than 17 years old, those were discovered (** because my father never eyes on it even keep it in "James Bone Bag"--a hardcase bag... haha) recently when I tracking back my old stuffs, I really curious how come those cards are written but Unposted?! if posted then it will proof with stated mark. 

PostCard: Indonesia
Status: Unposted but written
Year: belong to 60's, base on the date written on card
Sender: A chinese named as attached above (expected an Indonesian chinese friend who closed with my father)
History: Found in my father's "James Bone Bag"-- a hardcase bag

China - Ji Chang Garden 寄畅园

This old PostCard was found in a hardcase bag of my father long time ago, but unfortunately my father couldn't recall how's it came from?!
However it is good to find what's the picture bring to viewer.

Ji Chang Garden is located inside Xihui Park, east side of Hui Shan, east side of western suburban of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. It's close to Huishan Temple. Jichang Garden is a famed Chinese classical garden in South China, and it was claimed as a national protected location of historical and cultural relics on 13 January 1988. Xiequ Garden (谐趣园) inside the Summer Palace and Guo Ran Da Gong (廓然大公) (or, Double-Crane House 双鹤斋) in Yuanming Yuan in Beijing both imitated Jichang Garden.

Vietnam - Brazil Churrascaria Restaurant

 ~ Advertisement PostCard from Vietnam~
An unused card which I found at home, I believe was my sister brought back from Vietnam during the last trip in 2009.