Friday, May 21, 2010

Free PostCard by Tourism Centre Kuantan, Pahang

 Present by Tourism Centre Kuantan, Pahang

Many thanks to the Lady who working in the Tourism Centre Kuantan, yesterday (20th May 2010) I actually was trying my luck to look for some PostCards in town, it has been many times I asked those Stationery Shops & Book shops around Kuantan, but shot no bird!! Finally I passing  the Tourism Centre, and I got present by the Office Lady who working there, thanks so much to "Ms Lady". Hope to see you soon...

PostCard: Malaysia
Content: 10pcs PostCard in a Holder
Printer: Printing by Malaysia Tourism
Size: Width 150mm, Length 15mm

Thanks for "Ms Lady"


  1. Wow for free? I would love that whole set too!

  2. yes for free.. but only 2 sets I got it.. another set already given to my best friend Chualy...