Friday, February 4, 2011

CN-245970 中国上海 CHINA from DuKang~

~ 中国上海 / ShangHai, China ~ (CN-245970)
“世界第一拱桥”/ The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World
                                                                               Received August 2010
Thanks for  Teacher DuKang !!!

Lupu Bridge (simplified Chinese: 卢浦大桥站; traditional Chinese: 盧浦大橋站; pinyin: Lúpǔ Dàqiáo Zhàn) is the name of a station on Line 13 of the Shanghai Metro.
The station is located inside the Expo 2010 zone. It is part of the first phase of Line 13 (also known as the EXPO phase) and is one of the stations that is used by Expo 2010 ticket holders. It was open for six months, between April 20 and November 1 in 2010 to serve Expo visitors. It is now closed for reconstruction.

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