Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maximum Card - Traditional Past Time Games With Upin & Ipin and Friends

Congkak / Cocky

Galah Panjang / Long Quant

Perang-perang / Battle of Soldier

Telefon Tin / Canned Telephone

Konda-Kondi / Game likes Baseball game...

 Batu Seremban / "Seremban" Stone

That day passed the Ipoh Pos Office, it was first time I dropped in philately counter, day came warmly because of something new appeared in front of me...
I bought a few sets of these Maximum cards, this was the first time I ever seen Pos Malaysia issued cartoon Maximum card with UV adhesive stamps, so surprised!!! I like it so much...

Stamp Value :60sen (3 setenant designs)
Sheet Content :20 Stamps
Paper :Self-adhesive security stamp paper with fluorescent
Printing Process :Offset with Spot UV & Glitter Ink
Printer :Joh. Enschede Security Print, Netherlands
Stamp Designer :LC Merchandising & Les Copaque Production
First Day Cover
First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen
Miniature Sheet
Miniature Sheet Value :RM 5.00
Folder Value :RM 5.50
Maximum Card
Maximum Card Value :RM 0.80 (6 designs)
Date of Issue 13-Dec-2010


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