Monday, June 28, 2010

Posting at Kuantan, Pahang

Posting to PostCrossing Friends on 22nd June 2010

 New Stamp Issue on 22nd December 2010 "125th Anniversary of Keretapi Tanah Malayu", told by a collector, it was Sold Out in the morning and crowded as unusual, I was asking 2 buyers in the post office there let me 1 or 2 set of it, but it was disappointed, I only able to get the last 5pcs Miniature sheet and stamp sheet from the counter only. Hopefully my friend have some reserve for me.



  1. Kenapa i tak jumpa pun setem yang dalam picture yang last tu?

  2. Have you seen the new three sets of KTM postcards released in conjunction of this 125 years of KTM? It is quite expensive, each set consists of 12 postcards and it costs RM19.00. So, the full sets costs RM57.00. The paper quality is not that good anyway. But I bought them :) probably to sell at ebay in the future.

  3. thanks all here...

    I never notice that KTM postcards... would like to have a set also if able to get it...

    is it available in any post office?