Friday, April 30, 2010

Carol L. Ligda-Wong - USA

1st ~ Mackinac Bridge, sent out during the Mackanic Bridge Walk, with Zodiac Cow stamp ~
Sent 07-09-2009
2nd ~ Mackinac Bridge, Total length 5miles ~
Sent 07-09-2009,  
special cancellation "Mackanic Bridge Walk Station", Machine Cancellation

The Mackinac Bridge, is asuspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the non-contiguous Upper and Lower peninsulas of the U.S.state of Michigan. Envisioned since the 1880s, the bridge was completed only after many decades of struggles to begin construction. Designed by engineer David B. Steinman, the bridge (familiarly known as "Big Mac" and "Mighty Mac") connects the city of St.Ignance on the north end with the village of Mackinaw City on the south. It is the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the Western hemisphere.
The bridge opened on November 1, 1957, ending decades of the two peninsulas being solely linked by ferries. At 8,614 feet (2,626 m), the Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge with two towers between anchorages in the Western Hemisphere.The length of the bridge's main span is 3,800 feet (1,158 m), which makes it the third-longest suspension span in the United States and twelfth longest worldwide. 
Total length 26,372 feet (8,038 m)
Width 68.6 feet (20.9 m) (total width)
Height 522 feet (159 m)

Bridge Walk
The Mackinac Bridge Walk has been held each year since 1958, when it was led by Governor G.Mennen Williams. The first walk was held during the Bridge's Dedication Ceremony held in late June, and has been held on Labor Day since 1959. Thousands of people, traditionally led by the Governor of Michigan, cross the five-mile (8 km) span on foot from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City since 1964. Before that, people walked the Bridge from Mackinaw City to St. Ignace.

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