Friday, March 19, 2010

FI-643898, FI-655511 - Finland

1st ~ Aurinkoisia Kesapaimal, Finland ~ (FI-643898)

Sent 02-11-2009
Thanks for Hovila!!

2nd ~ Polo.Ren.Renntier.Reindeer (Finnish Animal).Rena, Suomi Finland ~ (FI-655511)
Sent 14-10-2009
Thanks for Emilia!!

The Finnish forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) (Finnish: metsäpeura, Russian: лесной северный олень) is a rare and threatened subspecies of reindeer native to Finland and northwestern Russia. They are found primarily in Russian Karelia, and the provinces of North Karelia, Savonia and Kainuu in Finland, though some range into central south Finland. They are distinct from the semi-domesticated Nothern Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) in their larger size and preference for dense boreal forest habitat over the open tundra.
The Finnish forest reindeer is one of the largest species of reindeer. It is 180–220 cm long and the tail 10–15 cm. The male is larger, weighing 150–250 kg, while females weigh about 100 kg.
Reindeer are ruminants, having a four-chambered stomach. They mainly eat lichens in winter, especially reindeer moss. However, they also eat the leaves of willows and birches, as well as sedges and grasses. There is some evidence to suggest that on occasion, they will also feed on lemmings, artic char, and bird eggs. Reindeer herded by the Chukchis have been known to devour mushrooms enthusiastically in late summer.

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